Traditional Latin Mass in Sabah

COVID-19 Announcement

Announcement regarding the COVID-19

Memorandum for our Malaysian chapels:

1. Holy Masses will be celebrated in our chapels as scheduled. So far, we plan no suspension of any Mass.

2. Suspension of Holy Masses in our chapels will happen only if the civil Authorities command a complete closure of all public gatherings, including shopping malls and mosques. If this were to happen, we will then organize a way to bring the Sacraments to the faithful nevertheless.

3. Any person having flu symptoms of the Coronavirus is exempted from Sunday Mass and should not come for Mass out of prudence and charity towards the others.

4. Elderly people who are more vulnerable to the coronavirus and who fear contamination are exempted from Sunday Mass.

5. Those who cannot attend Sunday Mass are still bound to sanctify Sundays and Days of Obligation by spending at least the time of a Low Sunday Mass (around 45 mn) in personal prayers at home. Usually is recommended to pray the Rosary, to read the readings (Epistle and Gospel) of the Sunday Mass, to pray the Prayers of Offertory, Canon and Communion of the Mass and to do a spiritual Communion. An alternative is to follow an on-line Mass and do a spiritual Communion.

6. Because we cannot exclude the possibility of somebody attending Holy Mass in our chapels and having unknowingly the virus, we must by prudence make sure that we can contact everyone who was at the Mass. Therefore, we will collect the name and phone number of those attending Holy Mass in our chapels: a form to fill in will be provided in our chapels tomorrow Sunday 15th March.

This form has 2 parts: 

a) The first part is for Contact tracing purposes regarding the Coronavirus. We kindly request everybody to fill in this part.

b) The second part is for completing our parish registers, so that the priests can fulfil their ministry towards the faithful more easily. We kindly request all those who attend regularly our chapels to fill in this second part as well.

Note that this personal data collection is for the sole use of the priests in their pastoral ministry

7. Fr Summers, the District Superior of SSPX Asia, has requested the prayer of the Catholic Church to ask for God’s mercy in time of plagues to be said daily at Mass until Holy Wednesday.

Is SSPX not Catholic?

Issue: Attending Mass celebrated by a priest of SSPX.

Hi! There were a few things that I looked at when forming my conscience on the issue.

1. The SSPX when they were created, were fine with the Vatican. They weren't exactly loved, but they were unquestionably inside of the Church. They were criticizing Vatican II and the New Mass then, and no one ever accused them of being anything less than in Full Communion (whatever that means). It was only after the Excommunications of +Lefebvre and the Bishops he consecrated that this sort of discussion began. I am unable to find anything in the Code of Canon Law that talks about Partial Communion, or anything which suggests that there is some sort of in-between state which exists. After the Excommunications of the Bishops were lifted (the laity and the priests were never excommunicated) how can the SSPX then be outside of the Church, when they were inside of it before? In addition, why the sudden requirement to accept that Vatican II is an integral part of tradition, when they were not held to that same standard prior to the illicit consecrations?

2. The Case of the Hawaii 6. When some of the local laity had their children Confirmed by an SSPX bishop, the local bishop excommunicated them. They appealed to Rome, when Ratzinger was the Prefect of the CDF, and the Excommunications were overturned. This was BEFORE he later lifted the Excommunications against the SSPX bishops. This is searchable if you want more details. This, combined with the fact that B16 stated that it was OK for the Faithful to fulfill their Sunday obligation at an SSPX chapel, tells me that they are inside of the Church.

3. Cardinal Hoyos was the head of Ecclesia Dei, which as you know is the group responsible for dealing with the various traditionalist communities in the Church. He has been asked repeatedly if the SSPX was in schism, and he has always replied that they are not. There are a number of quotes out there that you can look up.

4. Bishop Athanasius Schneider was asked by Pope Francis to visit them early on in his pontificate, and he gave them a favorable review. That is searchable as well.

5. Pope Francis has granted the SSPX faculties to hear confessions and celebrate marriages, which he would hardly be able to do if they were outside of the Church, or in schism.

6. Bishop Fellay has stated that throughout the years, even before the Francis pontificate, they sent things to Rome about how they handled various canonical matters, such as annulments, etc. and were always told by Rome that they had handled things appropriately. This is not the action of a group who is outside of the Church. They would not go out of their way to have their processes reviewed in that way, nor would they be told that they did things properly.

Note: Copied from someone else who wish to remain anonymous. Please share this with your friends.

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